Owen Marshall is a British filOM_Suit_001mmaker and freelance cameraman/editor, born and raised in London. He got his hands on his first camera at the age of 13 and he has been hooked by the moving image ever since. He studied film production at the London Film Academy and Surrey Institute of Art and Design, where he completed his BA Honours.

After writing and shooting a number of short films, his interest in filmmaking expanded to the craft of acting. He completed his acting training with the Brian Timoney Method Acting School (One Year Programme) and Jack Waltzer (Stanisvlasky and Meisner Technique). He is a regular member of an improvisation group and has performed in theatre and short films in London.

After writing his first feature film screenplay, ‘Pictures’, he attended the Robert McKee Screenwriting course to enhance his knowledge on the art of screenwriting.

Over the past 5 years he has participated in a number of film competitions in London and Leister, including 48 Hour Documentary Film Competition, 50 Kisses, One Shot Competition. His work on these projects has ranged from performance to directing and editing.

He has travelled to California to co-produce both a documentary (currently in post- production) and a short film, which was taken to the London Independent Film Festival 2014, winning Best Horror Film.

He hosts a monthly Film night in London where screenings are shown of upcoming directors work and crowdfunding initiatives are voiced.